Hayek: A Tribute

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Friedrich A. Hayek
1992 | Adam Smith Institute | Duration:..

About this video
This documentary examines Friedrich A. Hayek's life, family, friends, and education. It looks at the enduring legacy of his ideas and the institutions he founded, including the Mont Pelerin Society, the Institute of Economic Affairs, and the Fraser Institute. The film also delves into Hayek's family history and the experiences that shaped him from his youth to old age. This film is a fascinating look at the life of one of the greatest economists of all times.
Adam Smith Institute
Digitized by New Media-UFM.  Guatemala, March 2011
Conversion: Mario Estrada; index: Stephanie Araneda; content reviser: Sofía Díaz; publication: Daphne Ortiz, Sofía Díaz
Videos in this collection
Documentary produced by Adam Smith Institute
Collection of interviews produced by The Institute of Economic Affairs in 1997
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Initial credits
Introduction: Biography of Friedrich A. von Hayek
His early years and family
The world during Hayek's youth
The beginning of his university career
Hayek's relationship with Ludwig von Mises
The Austrian Institute for Business Cycle Research
The beginning of Hayek's relationship with John Maynard Keynes
Hayek's new life in London
The Second World War
The Mont Pelerin Society
Ideas over politics: His way to achieve freedom
Ideas after war
Life in the United States of America
Institute of Economic Affairs
His try at old age
The Nobel Prize in Economics
Foundation of countless institutes
The growth of Hayek's ideas
Awards and honors
Hayek's ideas remain
Final credits

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