The Economics of Knowledge

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Friedrich A. Hayek
1994 | Atlas Economic Research Foundation (UK) | Duration:..

About this video
Economics is primarily about knowledge. Knowledge of prices, costs, and productive possibilities. According to Friedrich A. Hayek, no one person or institution has this knowledge; it exists in a dispersed form throughout the whole of society. And the point of having a market is to allow this dispersed knowledge to be coordinated. This video examines the concept of price as an information system and looks at the intellectual rivalry that existed between Hayek and John Maynard Keynes.
Atlas Economic Research Foundation (UK)
Digitized by New Media-UFM. Guatemala, March 2011
Director: Suzanne Campbell-Jones; narrator: Eben Wilson; Hayek: Wolf Kahler; research: Kate Riley, David Mansanares, Sarah Penny, Peter Watts; stills research: John Raybould; production manager: Deborah Kermode; production accountant: Rebecca Philpott; sound: Steeve Beech, John Collins, Alfonso Porres, Mark Ritchie, Eric Williams; dubbing mixer: Andrew Sears; camera: Jeff Cordia, Guillermo Escalon, Chip Goebert, Tim Johnson, Tom Zannes; on-line editor: Bill Ogden; editor: Paul Bernays; written and produced by: Eben Wilson

Conversion: Mario Estrada; index: Stephanie Araneda; content reviser: Sofía Díaz; publication: Daphne Ortiz, Sofía Díaz
Videos in this collection
Documentary produced by Adam Smith Institute
Collection of interviews produced by The Institute of Economic Affairs in 1997
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Initial credits
Introduction by Norman Barry
London School of Economics
Friedrich A. Hayek's influence
Failure of Capitalism
English traditions
Intellectual rivalry with John Maynard Keynes
Keith Underwood, an example of Hayek's ideas
Hayek's thoughts on human behavior
Individual knowledge and desire
Markets and prices
Spontaneous order of markets
Socialist planners
Quote, Friedrich A. Hayek

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Atlas Research Foundation (UK)

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