Origins in Vienna

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Friedrich A. Hayek
1985 | Institute of Economic Affairs | Duration:..

About this video
In the first video of this collection, Friedrich A. Hayek describes his early childhood in Vienna. He comments on pivotal events in his life as well as the social, political, and cultural context in which his views developed. He explains the circumstances that led him to socialism and the inherent problems he identified in that system. He also examines the basic principles of societies and the individuals who make them so elaborate and unpredictable. Finally, he describes the characteristics of a truly liberal society and its goal of expanding progress and freedom.
Institute of Economic Affairs
Digitized by New Media - UFM.  Guatemala, March 2011
Executive producer: Michael Peacock; studio director: Cecil Petty; producer: Eben Wilson

Produced by Video Arts Television in association with the Institute of Economic Affairs
Dumbarton Films Ltd.

Conversion: Mario Estrada; index: Sergio Bustamante; content reviser: Sofía Díaz; publication: Daphne Ortiz, Sofía Díaz
Videos in this collection
Documentary produced by Adam Smith Institute
Collection of interviews produced by The Institute of Economic Affairs in 1997
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Initial credits
Introduction by Jack O'Sullivan
Father figure of the Austrian School of Economics
Social intention of Hayek's work
Hayek's gradual intellectual refinement
The Road to Serfdom
Law, Legislation and Liberty
Early approach to political philosophy
Influence of Hayek's ideas
What were your intellectual interests in post-World War Vienna?
Hayek's interest in law and economics
Would you say the First World War had an impact on your later ideas?
Early 20th century Austrian cultural zenith
Vienna's intellectual audience
Jewish minority in Vienna
Intellectual division in Vienna
In what direction did the breakup of the Austrian Empire lead you?
Hayek's brief socialist stage
What do you mean by socialism is impossible in a technical sense?
Problem of knowledge in a socialist system
Incompatibility of central planning with an extended society
How did socialists respond to your criticism?
Issues with just distribution in society
Do you agree that allowing society to develop freely and spontaneously justifies a radical break with habits, customs and traditions?
Importance of moral tradition in society
Based on the criticism of selfishness in liberal societies, what role do you leave for altruism in this type of society?
Production of the extended order in society
How would a liberal individualist society deal with a steel worker who is dependent on this sector whose factory suddenly closes, or the case of a person with a chronic or mental illness?
Role of social insurance
What happens to people who do not have insurance and cannot count on welfare assistance?
Maintenance of the competitive market through rational wages
Why socialism is attractive
Conclusions and summary
Final credits

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